Participants agreed to proceed with the formal establishment of the Alberta Estonian Heritage Society at a meeting in Red Deer, Alberta in 2004. Over the years, Alberta's Estonian communities have introduced various clubs, societies, and organizations as a means of formally preserving and promoting Estonian heritage. These organizations have been founded based upon geographical location. Estonians living in Medicine Valley, Stettler, Calgary and Edmonton have all established organizations in order to connect and reconnect with members of Alberta's Estonian population. Not only did organizations create a public social network, but their endeavours also helped fund and construct halls, churches, and cemeteries.

For Estonian descendants who were born in Canada or migrated at a very young age the very existence of a local Estonian organization provides a gateway for reconnecting with their past and preserving their heritage. Independence Day celebrations, for instance, were organized by local Estonian societies and were viewed as one of the most important days of the year. Alberta's Estonian societies connect Alberta's Estonians with their past, sharing its history and preserving its heritage.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage