Family Name Given Male Name Given Female Name Maiden Name Arrived with Family Arrival Year Moved to
Hennel Kristjan Annie Marie Yes 1903
Hennel Joseph Marie Kerbes Yes 1903
Kerbes Johannes Sophia Vaartnou(Wartnow) Yes 1903
Liiv Alexander 1903
Kerbes Johannes 1903
Klaus Jaan Anna Yes 1903
Klaus Juri Marie Korge Yes 1904
Klaus William Elizabeth Hennel Yes 1904
Saar Ado (Ando) 1904
Saar Alex Pauline Kopas Yes 1904
Kroon Oskar Yes
Olower Martin Maria Peet Yes 1904
Kets Jaan 1904
Kelu 1904
Saar Juhan Elizabeth Hennel Yes 1905
Kuusik J. 1905
Kuusik Felix
Tamberg Juri 1905
Kask Denis 1905
Magi Kristjan 1905
Neegolt 1905
Roots 1905
Wagenstein Alex Pauline Hennel Yes 1905
Johanson Hans Lena Yes 1905
Asberg Hans 1905
Yurkin Carl 1905
Wait Juri 1907
Nicklom Gustav Maria Kopas Yes 1908
Hennel William Ida Stern Yes 1909
Kerbes Mihkel Liisu Yes 1910
Kerbes Jaan Annette Hansman Yes 1910
Onton 1910
Kerbes Peter Julia Kaasik/Cussack Yes 1911
Krisbi (Krisby) Alexander Riina Peet 1911
Kopas Yes
Kolga Jaan
Yorki Charles
Klaus Otto Olga Soop Yes 1922
Soop Alex Elvine Klaus Yes 1925
Tippie Elizabeth Bruckel 1929
Koppelmick Martin Alide Kerbes Yes
Anton Karl Riina Yes
Anton Juhan
Wiik J.
Kolk J.
Peet J.
Kadaks Albert
Treimuth Kristjan
Redeer Madis

Explanation of List

  1. Family names are used and initials if given names not known.
  2. List is arranged by year of arrival at first known location in Alberta.
  3. Note that early arrivals came to Sylvan Lake area, but most moved on to Medicine Valley or Stettler.
  4. Single women with known dates of arrival are listed in the Family Name column. Where applicable, names of their husbands are shown in the same row. The arrival dates of the husbands is not known.
  5. List of names is based on material published in the following but is not exhaustive:
    • Peoples of Alberta by Howard & Tamara Palmer
    • Eestlased Kanadas (Estonians in Canada) A. Kurlents, Toronto 1975
    • Juri's Children - Barbara Gullickson, 1989
    • History of Medicine Valley Estonian Society by Voldemar Matiisen
    • Homesteads and Happiness Eckville and District Historical Society 1979.
    • AjaKaja
    • Family Histories

Compiled by Juri Kraav with assistance by Barbara Gullickson, Marion Collin, Irene Kerbes, Lillian Munz, Eda McClung, Dave Kiil.

The following list contains names of Estonian pioneers arriving in Alberta between 1899 and 1941 with the vast majority arriving before World War I.

It is a representative but not exhaustive record. Many changed the spelling of their names and some changed their names altogether. Many adopted different first names or English derivatives.

Disrepancies in spellings and arrival dates exist in the available source material. The list will be expanded as new source material becomes available.

Additional information can be found in Communities - Rural Communities - Stettler

Alberta's Estonian Heritage