Helgi Leesment
(Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Helgi Leesment pioneered the development of non-competitive rhythmic gymnastics in Calgary. She co-founded a community centre program now operating as the NorGlen Rhythmic Gymnastics Club which has been in existence for 30 years, starting in 1979. Helgi now coaches the ladies program.

Co-founder of rhythmic gymnastics in Alberta, Helgi Leesment, receives a provincial award from Tourism Minister Don Sparrow in 1992.Helgi has received various accolades from both federal and provincial sport federations including a Sport Volunteer recognition Award from Alberta's Minister of Parks, Recreation and Sport in 1992. That same year, officials in Calgary created a volunteer award and named it the "Helgi Leesment Award." As of 2008, 16 Calgarians have won the award.

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