Milvi Tiislar

Milvi Tiislar wins Gold Medal in tumbling at the 1995 Alberta Winter Games that were held in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Milvi Tiislar won several gold medals in tumbling by the time she was 12 years old, including the Alberta Winter Games in 1995 and 1994. After finishing first at the championships of British Columbia and Alberta she went on to become the Canadian Junior Women's Champion. As of 2008, Milvi is studying medicine in the hopes of becoming a medical doctor. Milvi has been a member of the Calgary Estonian Society and attended the Estonian supplementary school. Her entire family are active members of Calgary's Estonian community.

Editor's Note: Tumbling is governed by Gymnastics Canada. The sport is characterized by quick and complex acrobatic elements. The work is performed on a 25 meter-long surface combining a balance of speed and rhythm.

Alberta's Estonian Heritage